Quebec Aluminum

Quebec is the world’s fifth-largest producer of primary aluminum with the lowest carbon footprint. Aluminum is an exceptional material. It is adaptable, durable, and infinitely recyclable. Each tonne of aluminum produced in Quebec generates 5 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the global average, due to the supply of hydroelectric power, 96% of which comes from renewable sources. In addition, eight of Canada’s nine aluminum smelters are located in Quebec. Aluminerie Alouette, partly owned by QUALIUM, is a world leader in aluminum produced with low greenhouse gas emissions.

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Source: Aluminum Association of Canada
Country/Region Annual Production, 2021 World Production, 2020 Energy Source for Electrolysis Process, 2021 Number of Active Plants, 2021 Carbon Footprint, 2021
World 667 387 000
100% Coal 76%
Hydropower 29%
Natural gas 11%
Other 5%
Nuclear 1%
more than 180 11,6 mt
CO2e/mt Al
China 38 536 000
57% Carbon 76%
Hydropower 19%
Other 5%
more than 90 14,8 mt
CO2e/mt Al
Middle East 6 496 000
10% Natural gas 100% 10 7,5 mt
CO2e/mt Al
India 3 967 000
6% Coal 100% 7 17,2 mt
CO2e/mt Al
Russia 3 940 000
6% Hydropower 92%
Nuclear 5%
Natural gas 3%
9 4,6 mt
CO2e/mt Al
Canada 3 131 000
5% Hydropower 100% 9 2 mt
CO2e/mt Al

Aluminerie Alouette continues its decarbonization efforts

The Quebec Aluminum industry continues its efforts to decarbonize the industry, despite its current leadership position. An example of this is the Alouette smelter investing $23 million to convert its anode baking furnaces from oil to natural gas. This conversion reduced annual greenhouse gases by approximately 30%.

Reducing atmospheric emissions is one of the objectives at the heart of Alouette’s environmental strategy, which focuses on energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, recycling and procurement practices. In addition to this commitment, Aluminerie Alouette strives to produce aluminum sustainably.

Read Aluminerie Alouette’s annual sustainability report

How Quebec's aluminium industry works together

QUALIUM’s mission is to develop Quebec’s aluminum industry. As part of its mission to develop Quebec’s aluminum industry, QUALIUM works closely with other industry players, including AluQuébec, the Aluminum Association of Canada, other primary producers, processors, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers, as well as research centers.

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