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A subsidiary of Investissement Québec, QUALIUM promotes the growth of companies in the aluminum sector by offering high-quality products, customized solutions and personalized service.

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QUALIUM's mission is fourfold


QUALIUM promotes the Quebec government’s aluminum strategy.


QUALIUM is a key contributor to the development of Quebec’s aluminum industry.


QUALIUM plays the role of supplier, facilitator, agent, or investor to local aluminum transformation companies. It offers flexibility in its practices to enable its clients to sustain their business.

Social and Environmental

QUALIUM supports and promotes the decarbonization of the Quebec aluminum industry from a social, economic, and environmental perspective.

The History of QUALIUM

1981 to 1995

Albecour was created, and took part in the construction and operation of Aluminerie de Bécancour until its stake was sold in 1995.

1988 to 1992

A consortium of foreign aluminum producers was created to build Aluminerie Alouette of which Albecour held a 20% share.

2002 to 2004

Aluminerie Alouette phase 2 expansion took place and Albecour reduced its share to 13.33%.


Albecour sold half of its stake, reducing its holding in Aluminerie Alouette to 6.67%.


Albecour changed its name to QUALIUM.

Key Facts

QUALIUM buys and transports alumina to Aluminerie Alouette. Aluminerie Alouette then transforms the alumina into aluminum. QUALIUM sells and delivers the aluminum to its customers. Visit Aluminerie Alouette

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